Closing of Store

Unfortunately, all things must come to an end...
With this announcement, I would like to start by saying "Thank you" to everyone that has been with this company for the many years that it has been going.
It hasn't always been easy, and many changes were made over the years to accommodate the ability to keep your lashes long.
Due to the nature of the business, certain sacrifices were made on both sides of these transactions.
However, due to the changes in the world and my own personal life, I'm unable to continue Affluent Beauty.
As this company has been wholly ran by one or two individuals throughout its inception, it has required a personal touch throughout and anyone involved needs to be capable and trustworthy.
As I, as owner, can no longer continue to do my part, there is no one that fits these standards to carry the torch. Therefore, closing the store is the only option.

Stock has now been all sold out, therefore, the closing is now in effect.
All orders that have been paid for that can be filled, will be filled.
Those that have sent in payment without the ability to be filled will be contacted via their account email and payment will either be returned or their check destroyed and proof of this given via email.

Finally, I cannot recommend another store to buy from for many reasons.
The primary reason being that there are many fakes on the market and I can't be sure which are real, and which are fake and I would hate for any of you to be scammed after my recommendation.
As a general rule, if the prices you find elsewhere are too good to be true, then there's likely a reason for that.

Again, thank you all for your patronage over the years, and I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this closing.
I know the affects will be heavy for many of you and I wish there was more I could do.